• GMO Premium Brands: Aqua Signal’s knowledge is the result of 150 years of marine lighting experience. Over the years, Aqua Signal has developed expertise in the field of navigation lights…

    GMO Premium Brands:

    Aqua Signal has been delivering top-of-the-line marine lighting solutions since before the age of electricity, providing lighting products designed and manufactured to meet all relevant standards for quality and performance at sea.
    Aqua Signal was established in Bremen in 1868. This was before the age of electricity, and the company made navigation lights and lanterns fuelled by kerosene and petroleum. By the end of the 19th century the company had become a leader in the development of electric lighting for ships. Today, Aqua Signal is a world brand, offering a complete range of interior and exterior lighting, including navigations lights, watertight luminaires and other specialized lighting products for marine applications. Aqua Signal products are robust, of superior quality, and may be tailor-made for particular projects.

    Glamox is a leading lighting brand for professional markets, onshore and offshore, established in 1947. The wide assortment of Glamox products is of superior technical quality, and available for a wide range of applications – including challenging environments.

    Glamox was founded in 1947 by the Norwegian inventor Birger Hatlebakk. He discovered a method for electrochemical surface treatment of aluminium, which he called glamoxation, and which could be used to manufacture efficient aluminium reflectors for powerful luminaires. Today, Glamox offers a wide assortment of lighting products for use in a range of applications, both at sea and on land. Glamox products are well designed and of high technical quality, enhancing user productivity and visual comfort. They are energy-efficient and easy to install, fulfilling the high demands of the professional market.

    Since 1876, decorative Høvik Lys lighting products, made with high quality materials and with exclusive finishing details, have graced elegant buildings and vessels with their pleasant light.

    The Høvik lamp factory was established in 1876, originally for the production of kerosene and candle-lit lamps. Since the very start, emphasis has always been on elegant design and quality materials. Høvik Lys products are often found in elegant surroundings such as on board cruise liners and mega yachts, and in stylish public and private buildings. The range includes both traditional and contemporary design in the Scandinavian tradition.

    For more than 75 years Luxo has designed mainly arm-based innovative, ergonomic lighting products. Luxo products improve lighting conditions, taking particular care of individual needs.

    The Luxo history of lighting for the individual begins with the development of the Luxo L-1 task light by Jac Jacobsen in 1937. The secret was in the spring-balanced arm: The freedom of movement and the ability to place the light exactly where it was needed forever changed our working environments. It was the start of a range of lighting products that are ergonomically correct and individually adaptable, avoiding glare and other health related problems. Luxo products are energy-efficient. They are known for their aesthetic design, quality mechanics, high finish and careful material selection. The modern Luxo range includes task lights, illuminated magnifiers and medical lighting products, as well as a selection of decorative general lighting products.

    Norselight delivers added safety and security by providing quality search light systems that work reliably even under the most extreme conditions.

    Norselight was established in Norway in 1918, originally for the production of batteries that could run under extremely cold conditions. The company soon branched out into optics and maritime lighting, focusing on robust electrical products that would function well in tough Scandinavian winter weather.

    Today, Norselight is a world name for search light systems that work reliably under extreme conditions, adding to safety and security at sea.

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