Control transformers are used to convert the electrical voltage to be suitable for the control panels. Control transformers can be 1-phase or 3-phase solutions with or without enclosures.Trafotek manufacture 1-phase and 3-phase control transformers. The transformers can have multiple input voltages on the primary and secondary side or 2 or more secondary windings. Assembly of the transformer can be in vertical or horizontal to minimize the need of space.


  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnated (VPI) dry type IEC transformers
  • 1-phase transformers up to 25 kVA and higher
  • 3-phase transformers up to 40 kVA and higher
  • UL type approval up to 110 kVA
  • Mounting vertical or horizontal
  • Protection levels IP00 or IP23
  • Insulation class F/155°C (standard) or H/180°C
  • Temperature rise class B, F (standard) or H