Distribution transformers

Dry type distribution transformers are used to convert higher electrical voltages to a lower voltage level. Dry type distribution transformers are environmental, safe and require a minimum amount of maintenance.

Trafotek manufactures distribution transformers for different types of special applications such as marine, oil & gas, nuclear power and other industries. Trafotek distribution transformers are designed according to our customer’s requests and can have many different auxiliary components.

Key features

  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnated (VPI) dry type IEC transformers
  • Power range up to 12 MVA
  • Primary voltages up to 12 kV and higher
  • Secondary voltages up to 7,2 kV
  • Multi-winding solutions
  • Cooling methods AN, AN/AF, AF, AFWF
  • High quality insulation system (class H/180°C) as standard
  • Temperature rise class B, F (standard) or H
  • High insulation level (IEC, list 2) as standard on high voltage windings
  • Third party certified transformers for marine & offshore applications