Excitation transformers are use to magnetize generators and synchronous motors. Excitation transformers are a main component of any electrical system and its failure can cause the black out of the system. It is therefore important to make the right selection of transformer.Trafotek is a well-know excitation transformer manufacturer. Our excitation transformers are designed and manufactured to withstand the electrical and mechanical loading stress. We make sure that our customers get reliable transformers designed, manufactured and tested for our customer’s applications.


  • Power range up to 20 MVA
  • Primary voltages up to 24 kV
  • Cooling methods AN, AN/AF, AF, AFWF
  • High quality insulation system (class H/180°C) as standard.
  • Temperature rise class B, F (standard) or H
  • High insulation level (IEC, list 2) as standard on high voltage windings
  • Protection IP00, IP23, IP44
  • Third party certified transformers for marine & offshore applications