K.C. Ltd have devoted themselves to the design and production of impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems, anti-fouling systems (MGPS), shaft earthing devices, Fe (ferrous) ion generators and other such relevant equipment.

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DECKMA GmbH was founded in 1974 in Rosengarten in Germany.

Today, Deckma, with its branch offices in Rostock and Bremerhaven, supplies the shipbuilding industry with lighting, automation components and fire and smoke detection systems. Deckma has been trading in this field for three decades.

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Trafotek produces a comprehensive product offering of filter, reactor and transformer solutions for a wide range of industries. Variations of all products can be flexibly designed and manufactured to your specifications. We make sure we produce and deliver products that are scaled and customised to answer your challenges.

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Helkama has been manufactring cables for over fifty years. Export is a significant part of Helkama activity. The products exports yearly to more than 60 countries all over the world.

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GMO Premium Brands: Aqua Signal’s knowledge is the result of 150 years of marine lighting experience. Over the years, Aqua Signal has developed expertise in the field of navigation lights…

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