Technical description


DL60-R92 LED 500:
LED 500 lumen 830, 840 on request.
Replaces halogen 20 to 35W.

DL60-R92 LED 700:
LED 700 lumen 830, 840 on request.
Replaces halogen 50W.



The reflector is available in faceted high gloss (SF) surface/finish. Reflector is built into a light chamber that reduces glare through a plate. Two different beam angles 12° or 36°. Delivered with a dust cover for protection during the building period.


With electronic driver HF, analogue dimming HFDa (1-10V) or DALI dimming


For crew and public areas as cabins, corridors, stair cases, lounges and shopping areas


According to marine requirements


Solid die cast aluminum IP20. Option for slim trims in White (WH), Chrome (CH) or brass (BR). Can be delivered with or without (WO TR) trim. Option for an IP55 decor that gives IP55 under ceiling.


Recessed mounting, fixed with 2 adjustable suspension arms. Possibility for screw mounting. Possible to reduce height above ceiling with a distance ring that can be ordered as accessory. For B0 or B15 fire protection look at service manual.


To be delivered with quick connector 1 or 2 x Ensto NAC (QCE), or with push in terminal block 3 or 5 x 2 x 2.5 mm² . Possibility for 2 cables in or out. Quick connector Wago Midi (QCA) on request.


The DL60 LED is a new modern slim downlight family with built-in LED, that replaces halogen and compact tubes. DL60 runs on low energy and has a long lifetime. It comes with a wide range of trims and decors and is easy to install.

The downlights trims are available in white, brass or chrome. DL60 LED downlights have light source and driver included. DL60-R92 H are IP55 under ceiling with an extra IP55 decor in front.

The recessed downlights are approved for marine use.