High pressure sodium aluminium housing

Technical description


Floodlights will be delivered with seawater resistant aluminium bracket.


The connection box is equipped with one M20 Polyamide cable gland.


Housing, mounting bracket and connection box in seawater resitant aluminium.


The high pressure sodium floodlights are available for different light sources with R7s, E40 or Fc2 lamp holder.
To make the installation as easy as possible you will find the floodlights equipped with light sources.


Antidazzle shade, swivel arm or bracket for crane available as option.
Ballast unit to be ordered separately.

High pressure sodium aluminium housing

The Floodlights produced for high pressure sodium lamps and housing in seawater resistant aluminum are applicable for decks and hulls, industrial areas and sport areas. The Floodlights have a very high light output and a low weight that makes it easy to maintain.

The Floodlights are designed to meet maritime requirements.