Suez searchlight

Technical description


The searchlight can be stored under deck, and easily moved from the storage and mounted on deck, due to its low weight and convenient lifting handles.


Made of seawater resistant aluminium finished in white polyester coating


Designed for Halogen lamps 2000W or 3000W included. Front glass made of hardened glass.
Controllable brushed aluminium split reflectors to produce two beam sectors in accordance to regulations.


Equipped with dual reflector lamps with external switch-over arrangement in case of burn out.


Front glass cover, canvas cover, deck flange or plugs and sokets are available as option.

Suez searchlight

Suez Canal Searchlights are designed for installations on all sizes of vessels using the canal and comply fully with the regulations of the Suez Canal Authorities.

The searchlight can be easily moved from the storage and mounted on deck by a single person, due to the low weight and convenient lifting handles.

All the components are chosen to withstand corrosion and require minimum of maintenance.