Explosion proof outdoor Zone 2

Technical description


Variants of mounting brackets available.


Fixtures are available with electronic or magnetic ballast. Also available with battery backup emergency light
All fixtures will have certified cable glands M20 or M25.


Deep drawn aluzink or stainless steel AISI 316 for Exe fixture housing.


White geartray and polycarbonate diffuser.

Designed for T8 tubes in 18W / 36W or T12 tubes for 2 x 60 W.

Explosion proof outdoor Zone 2

Explosion proof outdoor lighting fixtures are applicable for hazardous areas, zone 2. They are designed to meet IEC, Ex and maritime requirements.

High quality explosion proof outdoor lighting fixtures are available with different housing. You can choose models with e.g. zinc coated steel or stainless steel, seawater resistant aluminium etc. There are also types with battery back up system.